About MIS

Maintimes IT Solutions (MIS) takes advantage of the gap between technology and business needs to ensure that customers' businesses maximize their profits in the market. We have an experienced team of engineers who can help you achieve your business goals. Our commitment to customers is second to none.

MIS provides a variety of comprehensive solutions. Not only do we sell a product or service here, we also formulate solutions based on customer budgets and service needs.

Over the years, MIS has assisted many customers in improving productivity, simplifying business processes and reducing IT expenses. Our unique approach allows our customers to obtain long-term benefits, allowing them to focus on business rather than IT, because IT is our professional occupation.

With the rapid development of cloud services, more and more companies migrate corporate desktop computers and servers to cloud virtual servers as cloud offices.

Why choose a cloud office?

One cloud server can install multiple desktop and file servers, saving hardware and maintenance costs;
Each desktop computer can be used by multiple people at the same time, saving software expenses;
24-hour operation, convenient for company employees to access to the system anytime and anywhere;
Back up data in the cloud for 24 hours to avoid data loss........
The company tailor-made cloud office packages for each customer to suit their needs. Please contact us for details.

Our company's bank information:

Bank Name: Bank of China

Account No. :012-807-1-043684-4