Terms & Condictions

Terms of Service:

  • The service fee does not include damage caused by depreciation.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, black thunderstorms or the hoisting of typhoon signal No. 8 or above will not provide service.
  • Does not include daily consumption and depreciation expenses (for example, toner and toner cartridges for laser printers)
  • We have the right to refuse to provide maintenance for any hardware or software installed by other suppliers.
    All free and trial software are not within the scope of paid services, please contact the developer directly for support.
  • If it is not a paid backup service (such as free backup), MIS does not guarantee that all data can be rescued. Customers are requested to back up their data regularly. MIS will not be responsible for data lost due to machine failure, virus, spyware intrusion, etc.
  • If the paid service needs to be renewed, please confirm in writing and pay the relevant fees 7 working days before the expiration, otherwise the service will be stopped immediately and all the data will be destroyed after the expiration.