Client box

Client Box is a remote control mini box. It can remote into the Cloud server/Cloud desktop through the built-in RDP Client. It is small in size and can be hung on the back of the screen. The power is 10W only. Compared with ordinary desktop computer's 300-500W, it saves a lot of power consumption.

CPU 2Core /4 Core
OS Linux
Memory 1G
Flash 8GB
Display Resolution 1024*768 > 1920*1080
Lan 10/100MB
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n(Optional)
Audio 3.5” audio input
Power 5V/2A <10W
Display port VGA HDMI
USB port 3*USB2.0
Protocol RDP8.0
Support System Win XP/Win7/Win10(Not support home edition)