Cloud Office

In view of the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic in various places, many companies and families are under heavy pressure to prevent infection.

MIS provides each customer with a suitable "cloud office solution" to ensure that employees can work in a safe environment. The solutions include:

  1. Use desktop computers/laptops/mobile phones/tablets at home to remotely control cloud desktop computers;
  2. It is possible to access and manage company documents in any place (including foreign countries) (such as at home, in a hotel, on the way by transportation, etc.);
  3. Can set folder permissions for different users;
  4. In any place (including foreign countries) can answer and make company calls;
  5. Company colleagues or customers can conduct video and audio conferences through Ms Teams & Zoom;
  6. Paperless work, electronically sign and manage approval documents;
  7. Cloud computer files can be directly printed to a local printer;

Our cloud desktop computers provide genuine software (Windows & Office). Customers do not need to purchase the software. The monthly fee starts from HK$1,500 (you can try it out before buying, please contact us for details).
Why choose a cloud office?

  1. Before starting a cloud office, the boss and subordinates must trust and coordinate each other to achieve the highest efficiency. The following are the main advantages of the cloud office treasure:
  2. One cloud server can install multiple desktop computers and file servers for centralized management and save maintenance costs;
  3. Each desktop computer can be used by multiple people at the same time, saving software and hardware costs;
  4. 24-hour operation, convenient for company users to log in to the system anytime and anywhere;
  5. Save employees' travel expenses and time to and from get off work, so that each employee has enough time to rest and improve work efficiency;
  6. Can handle working hours flexibly and more efficiently;
  7. Back up data in the cloud for 24 hours to avoid data loss........

*We can also create our own virtual server for customers (it can also be created in existing equipment, but the equipment must meet the relevant basic functions), please consult us for details.